Our Story

Anna Papini /Owner & Medicine Maker and Sara Berry / Co-Owner & Earth Keeper… are sisters who grew up in the Florissant, Colorado. There, they explored the wilds of their home land gathering flowers and plants for play, not yet fully understanding the earth connections that led them to opening Anna’s Apothecary in 2012.

Anna holds a cultural anthropology degree from Denver State University and minored in Holistic health. She also holds an herbal certificate from Sage Mountain. Anna has been a practicing herbalist for 9 years and continues to expand her herbal knowledge daily through workshops and classes. She is an active member of the American Herbalist Guild.  She also takes her knowledge into the community and offers educational opportunities to groups in the region.

Sara has gardened professionally on Colorado’s Front Range since 1999. She owned and operated a small gardening company in Colorado Springs until 2014. When the business first started Sara and Anna attempted to grow many of the herbs used for the apothecary. However, the business grew so quickly that they quickly out grew the ability to keep up with demand.  Sara is also land manager for an upcoming 400 acre eco-village East of Colorado Springs. She holds 3 permaculture certificates, Permaculture Design Consultant 2008, Permaculture Teacher Training 2012 and advanced Permaculture in 2013.  She actively co-teaches Permaculture Design Courses on the Front Range with Pikes Peak Permaculture.  It is the ethics and principles of Permaculture Design that the sisters built the foundation of the business upon.

“We are dedicated to protecting the Earth and bringing healing solutions forth using ancient wisdom, honorable ethics and principles created in and for light and goodness.”

They have built their business model on the ethics and principles of permaculture. There are three ethics and 12 principles. They started slow and built on their success.

The Three Permaculture Ethics

  1. Care of Earth. The Earth is the very thing that sustains us, it provides us with all the essentials that keeps us alive – air, water, food, shelter – and it is the only source of these essentials, we can’t get them from anywhere else. [Deep Green Permaculture]
  2. Care of People. Meeting people’s needs so that people’s lives can be sustained and have a good quality of life as well but without damaging the earth. [Heathcote Community]
  3. Fair Share. Permaculture seeks to divide these resources fairly amongst people, animals and plants alike, not forgetting future generations who will need food, water and shelter just as much as we do now. It’s ‘one planet living.’ [Permaculture Association]

When the sisters started the apothecary business, they paired Anna’s herbalism know-how and experience with Sara’s gardening skills and quarter-acre yard of opportunity.

With the quick and steady business growth, they needed something more, something different to help them keep up. They stopped the herb-growing piece of the apothecary, and partnered with organic herb growing farms in Oregon and California to supply most of the ingredients Anna and Sara use in their handmade products. This allows them to make the 90% of the products in their shop by hand, like; tinctures, soaps, bitters, elixirs and beauty products . The other 10% of the products come from local Colorado vendors.