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Anna Papini – Owner & Medicine Maker & Sara Berry – Co-Owner & Earth Keeper

Anna and Sara are sisters who grew up in the Florissant, Colorado. There, they explored the wilds of their home land gathering flowers and plants for play, not yet fully understanding the earth connections that led them to opening Anna’s Apothecary in 2012.

Anna holds a cultural anthropology degree from Denver Metro and minored in Holistic health. She also holds an herbal certificate from Sage Mountain. Anna has been a practicing herbalist for 7 years and continues to expand her herbal knowledge daily.

Sara has been gardening professionally on Colorado’s Front Range since 1999. She owns and operates a small gardening company in Colorado Springs. Sara also grows a portion of the herbs for the apothecary on her quarter acre urban lot using permaculture practices. She holds 3 permaculture certificates and both sisters used that knowledge to base the business upon.

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  1. Jeryl Miller

    Dear Anna, My husband and I were vacationing and I purchased a special blend of tea from you. I swear I feel much better! I have hashimotos disease which is an autoimmune disease where your body destroys your thyroid. I also have arthritis and suffer from most of the symptoms of autoimmunity like low immune function and very tired most of the time. Since drinking your special mixture I am much better.

    Well I ran out so I need more. Also is there anything else you would recommend for me? Here is the mixture you gave me

    Ashwagandha, schism dry, nettle, relishing, olive leaf.

    Please call me at 858-229-2111 to talk this over. I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have. I was amazed by the result. Anything else you can suggest for someone who seems to get sick all the time? It’s a real bummer. I am a happy go lucky person with not a lot of stress yet I get sick whenever someone sick passes by. It’s a bummer. THanks, Jeryl Miller

  2. Shawne M Paraschak

    Hello Sara and Anna!
    A close friend of mine (Cala Calta) who now lives in Springs that was here visiting told me about your business.
    I have been taking natural remedies and eating mostly organic for many years.
    I usually go to Nutrition smart which is kind of a chain for healthy items when needed.
    We get Honey from a local farm and buy greens, herbals and natural antibiotic from the AIM Corp.
    Sorry for all of the info but wanted to give you a little info ๐Ÿ™‚
    What can you recommend for my son who does not sleep well, he does do things that he should not like drink soda which we do not buy (he is 17 but more like 15), eat late at night, and does not exercise ( he is not heavy but this would help his fatigue). I gave him the product Calm which has magnesia and he said it does not work, I gave him Valerian root which I bought at Nutrition smart and he said he would try it again. My bottle is almost empty and I am thinking you will recommend your blend. Cala told me that she bought it for her Dad and told me to order it. Also I usually buy ecinisha and the spray for my throat when I feel something coming on (it does work), do you have this and what do you recommend. Also, I get headaches sometimes my daughter bought me Peabody & Paisley Apothecary essential oil blends to rub on my temples when needed, I am sure you have better blends, let me know what you suggest. Another thing is I was thinking of buying a diffuser and adding essential oils, what do you recommend. I Live in Florida and on a budget but to me Good health is sooo important! ๐Ÿ™‚ Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I try alot of things but sometimes do not continue due to not liking it or thinking it may work. After reading your BIO I feel like you company would be a great fit for me and my family :).
    As soon as I get your reply I will order from your web site, do you every offer free shipping for orders at a certain amount?
    I look forward to your reply,

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